Q. What are SteemPunks?

A. SteemPunks are 10,000 unique digital collectible character NFTs in spirit of the classic Cryptopunks series living on Steem with a few additions and improvements.

Q. Who is the team working on this?

A. Behind the project team are the @upvu service developers, who have been delegated the most SP in the Steem community, and the team member of @dev.supporters, one of the main witnesses.

Q. How will the NFTs minting fee revenue be used?

A. The entire amount will be used for SteemPower-Up only.

Q. What cryptocurrencies can I buy with?

A. It is only possible with STEEM.

Q. When does Genesis Mint start?

A. Genesis Mint Round 1 starts Mar 17, 2022 21:00 KST (12:00 UTC+9) and next round starts every 20 min.

Q. How does the genesis minting event process work?

A. SteemPunks are sold in pack of 10 NFTs and Genesis minting event does not support single NFT purchases. The event is divided into 3 rounds.

Q. How much does minting cost?

A. The starting price is 30 STEEM per NFT. As described above, they are sold in packs of 10 NFTs, so the base price is 300 STEEM.

Q. Are the prices different for each round?

A. The price increases by 10 STEEM per NFT at the end of each round.

Q. Is there a purchase limit per account?

A. There is no purchase limit per account. However, you can only purchase up to 10 packs per transaction.

Q. What are the benefits of owning SteemPunks?

A. Basically, you can collect your own unique profile NFTs on Steem, and additionally get support for voting based on your SteemPunks rarity score.

Q. Can I sell or transfer SteemPunks?

A. Of course. After genesis minting event has ended we will update the Steem Keychain and will also launch an NFT marketplace.